Introducing Rooms – Make Networking Personal

Hi, Weavers:

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new series of updates to our app, Weave.

And we are so excited about building a better way to make face-to-face meetings more meaningful, that we’re willing to put some skin in the game. Read on for an interesting  way to get exclusive access to the Weave team…

Now on to the fun stuff:

Introducing Rooms, by Weave

A new way to make meaningful connections. A “Room” is a specific group of people you can choose to network with based on a common need. Looking for that one-in-a-million technical co-founder? There’s a room for that!

Try Rooms today by updating the Weave app and tapping on “General Networking” in the navigation bar.

Android Redesign

A few months ago we redesigned the iOS app. Since then we’ve seen a steady increase in usage and conversations on iOS. People liked the new design! We hoped to bring the new design to Android sooner but we wanted to make sure it was just right. Fortunately the wait is over. Get the completely redesigned Android app now!

Get there with Uber.
Now you can call for an Uber directly from the Weave app. Once an address is entered in the app, the app will automatically recognize that this is most likely the meet-up location, and the option to take an Uber will automatically appear.

Lastly, we mentioned earlier that the entire team is really bullish about bringing face-to-face, meaningful meetings back. So much so that, if you share this article with your social network, you’ll be added to the “Weave Insiders” Room – where you will have an opportunity to set up coffee chats with the entire Weave team.

So please like – but more importantly, share away. And check out our new feature, Rooms.

-The Weave team

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