Podcast Recap: How to Build a Community of Passionate Users

Weave sat down with Nish Nadaraja, the mastermind behind Yelp’s Community and Elite Squad programs, to discuss how he was able to build a community of passionate users. If you listened in, you heard a lot about the obstacles he faced internally and externally, how he measured success, and, ultimately, what made the program work. He went on the share why he thinks more startups should leverage their passionate user base to help drive organic growth.

As one of the earliest upper-level hires at Yelp, and the company’s first Community Manager, Nish Nadaraja is the perfect example of a social butterfly. With a passion for all things marketing, Nish now spends his time consulting and advising consumer-facing startups and a handful of non-tech companies. Nish also really enjoys outyelping Yelpers, drinking gin martinis, and hanging out with his son, Dash.

Listen below to hear all about what motivated Nish to create the program and how it helped Yelp beat CitySearch as the new favorite crowd-sourced review site by 2007.


A huge thanks to Nish for chatting with us, and to our partner Helpshift for helping put the podcast on. We hope you’ll tune in next time.

Want to know more? Get in touch with Nish on Twitter!

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