Podcast Recap: Customer Relationship Management with Patrick Ewers

If you need a personal favor from a friend or business contact right this moment, do you have at least 30 people you can call? Don’t worry, most people don’t and the reason is simple – no one does a great job managing relationships, especially professional ones.

Weave sat down with Patrick Ewers, former LinkedIn executive and network relationship management expert, to discuss why it’s important to nurture both personal and business relationships, and how to properly do it. If you listened in, you heard Patrick talk about his top 5 network relationship management tips – from understanding the needs/wants/challenges of people in your network, to sending one email a day to a legend.

Patrick’s ability to successfully manage relationships has contributed to his own success: first, propelling LinkedIn’s growth as Director of Lead Generation in 2005 and second, helping build his life-coaching consulting business, Mindmaven.

Patrick was hands-on with LinkedIn’s early success, which was largely contributed by the executive’s ability to recruit their friends to join the platform. They leveraged the idea that each person knows 8 people, and those people know another 8 people.

Listen below to hear Patrick talk about the importance of mindshare and how to use it to create new opportunities.

About Patrick:
patrick-ewers-linkedin-mindmavenPatrick is an executive coach and the founder of Mindmaven, a company that helps professionals generate more opportunities by introducing experience-based relationship management. Patrick was called Silicon Valley’s top relationship management expert by Forbes. He has had the privilege of working with some of the industry’s heaviest hitters: First Round Capital, SGI, Fenwick and West, and Silicon Valley Bank.

A huge thanks to Patrick for chatting with us, and to our partners Contactually and PersistIQ for helping put the podcast on. We hope you’ll tune in next time.

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