Free OPEN Pass to DeveloperWeek 2016

We’re offering our community 50 free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek 2016 (Feb. 12-18, San Francisco) when you register! Join 4,000 participants at the DeveloperWeek Hackathon, Conference, Hiring Mixer, and City-Wide Events!

Register by DATE using discount code: DW16-WEAVE-COMMUNITY
Your OPEN Pass gets you into the Hackathon, Coding Contest, Keynote Talks, Conference OPEN Talks, Expo, and week of city-wide events.

You can also get 25% off your PRO Pass for full access to all conference talks using discount code DW16-PARTNERS.

DeveloperWeek 2016 is the largest developer-centric event series in San Francisco covering topics in API Design & Microservices, Full-Stack Javascript such as Angular and React, Robotics Dev, Machine Learning, Drone Development, and 200+ more talks.

What’s happening at DeveloperWeek?

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