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I was recently invited to a potluck dinner hosted by Weave users Kent Wills, a software engineer at Yelp, and Ran Liu, a UX designer at Marketo. They’re part of The Supper Club, which was formed by Weave members who all met through our service. Every month, the group gets together at different restaurants around San Francisco to try new foods and talk about everything from product design to user experience, managing teams, and of course enjoy each other’s company.

“Discussions about team management and product management have given some insights into how I should be working with my teams moving forward,” said Achal Aggarwal, a mobile product manager who formed The Supper Club. He’s learned more about everyone’s role at their respective companies, including Yelp. “Kent and I have talked about how the tech industry is moving forward and how they have been using micro services in order to effectively scale the company and the product.”

The idea for a supper club stemmed from Achal’s very first Weave meeting with Joann Kuo at Celtic Coffee. Achal had recently moved to San Francisco from India and didn’t know many people. Back at home, he was part of a monthly dinner club and wanted to build the same type of community in his new city. They tossed around the idea, and that’s how The Supper Club was born – during a Weave meeting! Joann and Achal have been able to share insight into the challenges in managing a remote development team and collaborating with peers who are on the East Coast, as well as the cultural and language barriers they face when working in the media/advertising industry.

Joann Kuo and Achal Aggarwal
Joann Kuo and Achal Aggarwal

The group’s first gathering was at Mission Chinese. Achal brought Kent, who he met at his second Weave meeting. Kent was immediately on board and had plenty of suggestions for restaurants for the group to try out. Joann brought a friend along, Vincent Samaco, who very quickly signed up for Weave. You can probably see how the network grew from there — all by word of mouth and mostly Weave members!

“I personally love hearing about other people’s work lives,” said Joann. “It’s also been really fascinating gathering insider information about the pros and cons of working at different companies near you because you never know where you may end up tomorrow.”

For the group’s second meeting, they went to Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Union Square. Kent brought his fiancee Ran, also a Weave member, along with a fellow Yelp co-worker. “This was like a meet-up where you could bring someone you could recommend to the group. That’s how we met Vincent. He wasn’t on Weave at the time but now he is,” said Achal.

At their most recent dinner gathering, they decided on a Chinese New Year themed potluck, so I brought chicken wings from Chinatown! We feasted on dumplings, spicy fish and tofu, braised string beans, custard tarts and there were plenty of leftovers. I met the entire group, including Blaine Chatman, an automation engineer at Affirm. He’s been on a few Weave meetings already and was invited by Kent to join the group. Besides the delicious food, I was impressed with the strength of the Weave community outside of weekly meetings and how they’ve grown organically.

Ran Liu and Kent Wills
Ran Liu and Kent Wills

Beyond professional topics, they’ve now all connected over common interests like hiking, travel, photography, cycling, running, new apps, and insights into the tech world. “I learn all sorts of things like a cool new app called Anchor – for short-form podcasting. It’s nearly impossible to cover everything happening in the tech industry today since it’s all happening so fast that it helps to have friends you can trust to knowledge-share,” said Joann. “We also trade war stories and help each other overcome challenges we are currently facing, opportunities and so on.”IMG_0847

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