Weave Huddles: Meetings hosted at Companies

Two weeks ago, we partnered with HoneyBook to host 15 designers at their San Francisco headquarters for a morning gathering filled with networking, sharing best practices, and a delicious breakfast. There were UX/UI/visual/graphic designers from companies all across the board including Uber, Square, Chain, and Hired. We’ve traditionally only organized 1:1 meetings at local coffee shops, but at the request of a handful of Weave members, decided to try meetings hosted at companies.



Tracy Hughes, a Weave member and designer at HoneyBook, helped us organize one at their office. Everyone broke up into smaller groups to have more focused, tailored conversations. Tracy says she enjoyed talking to other designers and learning about the tools they use, and whether or not she should incorporate it into her routine. “Some things we debated were between Sketch and Illustrator, and the flexibility of Sketch’s plugins vs InVision’s,” Tracy said. “We also talked about which tool was the best for animations and motion: After Effects, Photoshop, or Flinto.”

That same morning, 10 people joined another Designer Huddle held at Airbnb’s atrium. Kim Pham, one of our engineers at Weave, took the lead to organize this one. “I wanted to connect designers with each other because it’s important to build a sense of community and connectedness,” she said. “It was wonderful to see people chat about products and processes, get advice from one another, and share best practices.”



That seemed to be a common topic of discussion amongst everyone, including Gustavo Youngberg who is a visual designer. “It was great listening to everyone’s opinion on a few of the core programs that we use as designers, and sharing tips and best practices that I’ve been able to incorporate into my own workflow,” he said. Diane Pascual, the creative director at Prism Light Studios says she enjoyed meeting other creatives and learning about the types of projects they’re working on. “It’s nice to see that we can all share common challenges and have similar experiences working with clients,” she said.



We love seeing and helping people connect with one-another over shared experiences and interests. We’ll be organizing similar events in the future. If your company has space and is interested in partnering with Weave to host these meetups, let me know: lauren@weave.in

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