Weave Success: Matthias Egli Found ‘The Perfect Job’ through Weave

We’re always excited to hear about successful Weave meetings, and Matthias Egli’s introduction to Boris Zamoruev is the perfect example of that. Matthias moved to San Francisco in January and recently accepted a data scientist role – an opportunity that stemmed from his meeting with Boris!

Matthias came here from Switzerland and he didn’t know many people in tech community, so he joined Weave. “I said I wanted to meet anyone. I didn’t go out there saying I want to meet hiring managers,” he said. “I just wanted to meet interesting people in all different fields to get inspiration of what’s going on here in Silicon Valley, and that’s worked out perfectly.” Lisa matched him with Boris and they immediately connected over their past experiences running a startup in a similar stage. Matthias was previously the COO of a social marketing company in Switzerland, but came to San Francisco to find a data science role to gain experience.

Boris connected him to a colleague who was a recruiter for Exabeam – an IT security company based in San Mateo. “His company is exactly in the field I was looking for. The perfect job for me,” said Matthias. It took one week of technical screens and on-site interviews before he was offered the position. In this new role, he’ll be part of the core data science team – many who are PHDs and scientists. Matthias has an engineering and computer science background, so he’ll start off as the connection to the platform – helping the data scientists test and deploy their code. The goal is to learn the data science component 110% and transition into that role.

“Because of the connection which was made through Weave, I came across this company which I would have never found if not to this serendipity like-thing,” he said. Matthias is not only thankful for the opportunity to connect with Boris, but he’s thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people from all backgrounds. “It’s a very efficient way to meet people. All of them have a very interesting story. We usually overstay our time at the coffee shop.”

It’s exciting to hear stories like these because we know people are getting out there every week and meeting interesting, fascinating people in the Weave community. Whether you’re simply on Weave to expand your network, or even looking for a new opportunity, you never know where a coffee meeting may lead you. Congrats Matthias on the new role!

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