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Weave Success: Networking at “DIY” Happy Hours

What happens after an initial Weave coffee meeting? For many people, they continue the conversations and networking even further, whether it’s forming a monthly dinner club, or organizing group happy hours. Chris Luecke is one of those Weavers whose taken the initiative to stay connected, and bring people together!

In fact, he recently hosted a happy hour at The Sycamore with five others who he met through Weave. “The idea was that one person would play host – in this case, me – and invite four or five people from previous Weave meetings. Then, each of those individuals had the option to invite one of their previous connections,” he said. “It gave everyone the opportunity to meet new folks, while still keeping it to the size of a small format happy hour without it feeling too big.”

Chris works in business development for Rockwell Automation, a Fortune 500 industrial control and automaton company in the Bay Area. On the side, he’s an avid traveler, writer, snowboarder and currently working on a project related to apparel. During his Weave meeting with Diego Vasquez, he told him he was very new to this space, and was doing market validation on his apparel project. “Diego mentioned one of his friends had experience with snowboarding, in the sporting goods space. He brought him to the happy hour.” That friend happens to be a former professional snowboarder, too! Just like that, Chris made a new connection who gave him valuable business tips with a unique perspective.

That’s what this happy hour was all about – giving people an opportunity to make connections that may be associated with their creative projects or professional work. Chris says the group talked about everything from bitcoin to physics to sports. “The more folks that are aware of your goals and interests, you might meet someone down the line and say ‘hey, I know someone that’s also interested in that – you should meet and chat.’”

Diego says the happy hour and Weave meetings have been a great way for him to learn about different industries. He’s from Columbia and moved to San Francisco last year to pursue his MBA. “The benefits that I have found in these meetup connections is learning insights about working in the Bay area and ideas on how to develop new connections and contribute other with my knowledge to help others,” he said. “To be specific, I didn’t know about the existence of Stripe or Gusto startups, which really interested me, and are aligned with what I am looking for.”

This is yet another great example of how Weave goes far beyond the initial coffee meeting. It’s exciting to hear your stories about how you keep the conversation going and also intro others in your network. After chatting with Chris, I know this certainly isn’t the first – or last – Weave happy hour he’ll be hosting! If you have a story to share, I’d love to hear it:

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